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Khaya African MahoganyBotanical name: Khaya Ivorensis

Khaya African Mahogany

Khaya African Mahogany is also known as Mahogany. Native to the West coast of Africa, it grows from the Ivory Coast to the Cameroons and Gabon. When freshly cut it is distinctly pink and tends to darken with drying to a rich red colour.

Used in furniture making and boat building it is excellent for boat planking and fitting out.

Grade: Boatbuilding quality
Drying Method: Air and kiln dried
Length: Logs available up to 40' long. 28' is the longest length available as dimensioned timber
Width: Maximum 50" diameter logs
Thickness: 1/2" up to 4"
Weight: 530/600 kg/m.3
Notes: Smaller orders of dimensioned Timber available.