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Douglas FirBotanical name: Pseudotsuga Menziesii

Dougals Fir

Douglas Fir is named after the Scottish botanist David Douglas. It is also known as Coast Douglas Fir and Oregon pine. It grows along the southern Pacific coast.

This wood is hard and straight grained and seasons well. It has many uses in boatbuilding including yacht masts and spars, and decking. We have supplied timber to many projects where they have required straight vertical grain timber that is dimensionally stable.

Grade: Grade. Mast and Spar grade vertical grain.
Also mixed grain no. 2 and better.
Drying Method: Kiln dried only.
Length: 8'- 20' and up to 39'.
Width: 5" -10" +
Thickness: 1"- 2"- 3"- 4"
Weight: 530-kg/ m.3