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Sitka SpruceBotanical name: Picea sitchensis

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is also known as Silver Spruce, Pacific Coast Spruce, and Tideland Spruce. Sitka Spruce grows along the Pacific coast of North America from Oregon north to Alaska, prized by musical instrument makers for guitars and pianos.

Boat builders also regard it as second to none for the construction of yacht masts, its strength to weight ratio is unparalleled.

Pre war boat builders such as Morgan Giles of Teignmouth used it for building their clinker built racing craft, allowing for a very strong but light hull. Other uses include parts for the construction of light aircraft.

It glues and holds fastenings well and has the ability to absorb impacts; machine or hand tools easily work Sitka spruce. When varnished its colour darkens to a beautiful honey colour with age.

Grade: Mast and Spar grade vertical grain
Drying Method: Air and kiln dried
Length: 12'-20' and up to 39'
Width: 5" and up to 10" +
Thickness: 1" - 2"1/4 - 3" - 4"
Weight: 380 - 440 kg/m.3
Notes: Timber can be custom cut to a specific size required i.e. Boat planking at ½"