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Yellow CedarBotanical name: Chamaecyparis nootkatensis

Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar is also known as Sitka Cypress, Pacific Yellow Cedar and Nootka cypress. It is a medium sized tree that grows from Oregon to southern Alaska. It is the hardest known cedar and has exceptional resistance to weather and insects.

When left uncoated it takes on a beautiful silver colour. Decay resistance is very high which makes it desirable for boatbuilding; it is often used for boat planking and decks.

It has exceptional properties of very tight grain and even texture. This makes it a pleasure to work with.

Grade: Clear grade. Vertical grain
Drying Method: Kiln dried only
Length: 12'-20'. Longer lengths available on request
Width: 5" and up to 10" +
Thickness: 2". Other sizes are available on request
Weight: 430 kg/m.3