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Western Red CedarBotanical name: Thuja plicata

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is also known as Red Cedar, native to northwestern United States, southwestern Canada and Alaska. It is valued for its resistance to decay, commonly used for roof shingles, decks, and siding in the construction industry. Uses in boat building include, strip planking for anything from canoes to larger yachts. It is also used for the construction of racing foils as it has inherent stability and glues well. Working properties are good, and it has rich colour tones when varnished.

Grade: Vertical grain clear "Stones" A grade. Also available in a No.2 and better grade
Drying Method: Air and kiln dried
Length: 6'-20'. Longer lengths available on request
Width: 5" up to 10" +
Thickness: 1"- 2"- 3"- 4"
Weight: 380kg / m.3